• Jenny Churchard

A Day in the life of Erin....

Erin had a bad day yesterday, I mean every day is a bad day for Erin and has been for the last 3 years. But every so often, those bad days are blown out the water by a day where Erin struggles to do anything other than breathe.

Breathe through the pain.

I want to just take a moment and share what a horrendous day looks like for Erin.

Through a recent scan it became apparent that Erin had some problems with her Jugular Veins – these veins are literally a brain drain. If the drain is blocked the pressure in the brain increases. Well Erin has one collapsed vein, and one partially collapsed. So in laymen terms, blood isn’t moving in and out of her brain as it should do and that pressure builds and builds and builds.

Yesterday that pressure in her head was excruciating. She spent much of the day vomiting, and completely incapacitated. Moving was off the cards, eating and drinking was impossible as nothing would stay down. All she could do was grab hold of Nimbus and breathe through it. Try and get to sleep where the pain subsides to a level that is manageable, but sleep only brings her peace temporarily, as the pain soon wakes her up and the viscous cycle continue.

Breathe through the pain, breathe and relax, breathe to fall asleep.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The words that come to mind are strong, brave, resilient, a fighter.

If you haven’t already donated please do, Erin needs this surgery. Erin needs this surgery to reduce the symptoms that she experienced yesterday. Erin needs this surgery to keep on breathing.


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