• Jenny Churchard

A Husband and Wife - Dreaming of a better future

Behind this campaign is a Husband and Wife. A young couple that love to see the world and go on adventures, and spending time with family and friends. It’s a warm sunny weekend here in the UK maybe the last one like this before Autumn comes in, and the same is said for Perth with Spring having sprung.

But, Erin and Isaac forgo most things you’d expect of a young married couple. No going outside and enjoying that sunshine. No spending time with their friends and family, infact no getting out of bed at all for Erin.

This is their typical day, Erin cocooned in ice to relieve the agony and avoid the light. Zac by her side, Nimbus isn’t in shot, but you bet he’s close by too.

This isn’t the life for them, this isn’t the life they dream of. They dream of being in the sunshine. So let’s help them change their future. Let’s get them back out in the Sun.


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