• Isaac Meegan

Adrenal Crisis, Heading Back to London

The first picture was facetiming Erin a few days after surgery and having been taken out of the coma. She’d just been able to do something for the first time in years. Many of us take things like this for granted but for her being able to stand for a few minutes was a big improvement. It was a happy, encouraging and positive conversation. She went on to leave hospital and continued resting in her medical apartment in Barcelona. Things weren’t easy for Erin by any means, but it felt hopeful. Sadly a few days ago things took a nasty turn, she had to be rushed to hospital and her life needed to be saved again. Please scroll along to read what happened. Its important to share these updates because it really brings home that Erin’s recovery is far from linear & the furthest it could be from straightforward. I think many saw reaching the minimum target and being able to pro through the surgery as the end point of this story - the start of this happy and healthier new chapter for her and Zac. For Erin this is really the start of what will be a very difficult journey, and she really needs our support more than ever. Not only did she have unexpected added surgery, she’s had various new diagnosis’ to add to the already extensive list. All these require more management, more planning, more paperwork, more aids/advisory accessories, more determination, more resilience, more mental strength and unfortunately a LOT more money. All going well I will be picking Erin up from Heathrow today. The flight will have been very difficult - she will be exhausted and in pain. But she won’t get the rest she so desperately needs as she is still suffering the impacts of the latest crisis meaning sleep can be elusive. Her mind, which is also muddled by the heady concoction of medicine and fatigue, will also be all too aware of the extensive to-do list we have to get through ensure she has all she needs in the weeks/months ahead. While we share the basic medical updates it’s hard to convey how much admin is involved. If we can free up some time currently dedicated to fundraising it’d be a huge help. I know Christmas is tight but if you can help it’d be greatly appreciated.


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