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Arrived in Barcelona and Health Update

Hi everyone, thanks to all your support we have now arrived safely in Barcelona!

It means an incredible amount to both Erin and I that over a thousand and a half donors, many of whom we don’t know or have never met, have supported this cause and got us this far. We wouldn’t be here without you and so we wanted to keep you updated and informed of Erin’s progress.

After a night’s rest in the medically assisted apartment, Erin had her first pre-op consultations at Hospital Teknon today. It was a full day, and although it was very taxing on Erin, the team were great and made sure Erin was as comfortable as possible. Yesterday the team performed blood tests and small volume blood collection, which is for contingency in case of bleeding during surgery. Then there were X-rays (the moving kind) and CAT scans, after that ECG and cardiology exams then we had a consultation and examination with the neurosurgeon we’ve travelled so far to see.

Following these further tests, we found out that Erin also needs a disc replacement at C5-C6. Luckily this can be performed on the same day as the fusion, but does attract an additional fee for this separate surgery (just over $20,000 / £11,000). This came as a bit of a surprise to us, but we are grateful for the opportunity to minimize Erin’s surgical risk and recovery time, avoid a future required surgery and maximize the benefits to her health from our time here. This herniated disc diagnosis does further explain more of Erin’s complex symptomatology. After careful consideration, we have decided to proceed with the dual surgery, still scheduled for Monday.

Today and Friday we’re back at the hospital for further pre-op consultations and checks, last night I made a short trip to the local supermarket and prepared Erin and I a meal of chicken and salad. Shortly after eating Erin headed down for some rest, it was a long but productive day.

I’ll try to keep you all posted as we progress here in Barcelona.

In the meantime there’s a short video of some of our day.

Thanks once again.


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