• Jenny Churchard

Hope Lights the Way

"when all feels lost and the path is dark, it's hope that lights our way"

This post is bought to you with a mixture of emotions. Elation, fear, hope, anxiety. But mostly Hope.

We can share with you the fabulous news that we have a surgery date of 14th November, and we are ELATED.

It's a huge milestone for us, and for Erin. She now has a date that she can focus on, and that HOPE that has been keeping her going will get her to the surgery date. She can hold on that little bit longer.

But with that hope, we have the other emotions.

The fear, the anxiety. Because with the elation of getting a date comes the added pressure of needing to raise this money. There is no payment plan option. There is no plan B.

Erin needs this operation, and we need to raise this money. By the End of October.

Which brings us to the second part of the update, with the news of having a date we now also have a final target. And it's grown. The cost of surgery alone is close to £70k, this doesn't include the after care or transport costs of getting her home and then onto Barcelona for the operation.

But we have hope. And we have you - our community of Heroes.

Help us hit our new target, let's keep the hope alive.


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