• Isaac Meegan

Hospital Journey

For all of you who have supported us so far, I've prepared a video of our journey in hospital from admission to discharge, a total of 8 days. I couldn't be more proud of Erin's strength in getting through this time, and I couldn't be more grateful to all of you for helping to get her there. We are still in need of financial support, as the second required surgery led us to use all available funds including credit cards and personal loan. We don't regret this decision, but does have us facing hardship servicing this debt. If you're willing to share our story again, we would very much appreciate the help in getting further toward our goal. Erin and I still have a small mountain of post surgery medications (25 tablets and 1 injection a day), to manage her pain as best we can, but she's alive! We are very pleased with the hospital and surgeons, and we're back up there tomorrow to meet with the team to have her staples out. I will update you again soon. Forever grateful, Isaac


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