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Life Threatening Setback - Addison Crisis

Unfortunately a few day’s ago Erin had to be rushed to hospital and has been under their close care ever since.

An Addison's crisis began after gradually tapering the high doses of cortisol that she’s been on prior to surgery, for a possible adrenal insufficiency picked up back in Perth, from a synacthen blood test taken in August. She took an extreme turn from Wednesday 28/11 afternoon and by Thursday morning she was in total Addison's crisis and admitted by ambulance to Teknon where they were amazing and swiftly got her on IV cortisol, fluids, glucose, antiemetic and pain killers. This was essential as she hadn’t been able to keep anything down from the prior afternoon. In the ER they urgently got a line into her left arm, but as she was so poorly by that point they struggled to get the second required line in the other arm - the veins collapsing time and again.

She’s in the best possible hands, and the team have been reliably wonderful in their attempts to get her back on track. One comfort is that there really couldn’t be a better place to be in this crisis. They were extremely efficient in finding out what was wrong due to their awareness and whole-person approach to hypermobility and it’s related comorbidities. This highlights why specialist centres such as Chiari and Hypermobility Barcelona are so necessary for complex patients such as Erin. Each case is so unique and intricate it requires a bespoke approach.

IV meds were continued and by midnight going into Thursday Erin started to cease vomiting and feel more human. They saved Erin’s life (again) and needless to say- She's now got a confirmed diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency/Addisons disease. Please see the attached/linked information to understand more about what this mean. Erin’s body has taken a battering and it’s been said that you can describe an adrenal crisis as feeling as though you’ve been hit by a bus!

Erin will need to be on steroids and have a medic alert system for life. We are learning as we go with each of her diagnoses. It’s overwhelming to accept but of course it’s much better to know.

Four nights hospital and a treatment plan ongoing - each night coming with a price tag of a further €600. Erin and Isaac are still hoping to fly back to London on 4 December but of course are extremely stressed by the mounting bills.

Please keep sending your love and support and if possible, please spare what you can afford to help us through this physical, financial and emotional set back. Every donation of any size counts (perhaps you could a little of what you’ve saved during Black Friday and Cyber Monday). if you are unable to donate please share this status update as it REALLY matters (if possible, even more so than before) and only takes a second. Perhaps you can add us to your festive good deeds as you start to plan ahead for Christmas with your loved ones.

It seems as though each time Erin overcomes a hurdle the next gets put up, but my goodness is she resilient and I have no doubts our girl will continue jumping those hurdles, but despite her strength she needs to be bolstered by your beautiful help and support.

Thank you to both our continued and dedicated followers and the new. Please share to raise awareness and to show support for us in this time of need. We will keep you up to date on any further news.


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