• Isaac Meegan

Long Road Ahead

While Erin and I have made it safely back to London we are now facing her long and slow recovery from her two surgeries and emergency readmission for an Addison's crisis. The setback of returning to hospital after initially recovering so well has taken an understandable but huge physical and emotional toll on Erin. We've been advised that in the short term it is impractical for Erin to fly straight back to Perth. Due to our dire financial situation we have no choice but to be apart, as I will need to return to work for January. This gives us just the next few weeks to organise everything for Erin's care and housing requirements, an incredibly stressful proposition that has us near breaking point. We knew that the "good news story" would come later; realistically the hardest part of the journey is what we're facing now. Now that our support network is worn out from fundraising, the bank accounts empty, the credit cards maxed out, annual leave entitlement run out. There will be no truer test of our resilience. The love and support of everyone following our story means so much to us, we do hope that we're able to reach our fundraising goal - more important now than ever. We are too busy to organise fundraising events ourselves, so please do if you're able. We have $30,000 left to raise! Please share so that we might attract new supporters to our campaign.


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