• Isaac Meegan

Recovery Underway

Tenacious Erin has hit a couple more milestones in her surgery recovery I'd like to share with you all (these are suggestions by her surgical team who visit each morning and tell us where they'd like her to get to next). Yesterday afternoon she sat up in her chair for the first time, and was able to walk with assistance to the bathroom! She was thrilled to brush her teeth. Today I'm losing more of my value, as she is walking around by herself in the room, she has had a shower and dressed in her normal clothes - no more gowns for Erin! This afternoon she'll go for a walk in the corridor. I'd also like to share a conversation Erin's surgeon had with me when she was first moved to ICU after her surgery on Monday. I sat outside his office waiting for him to return, with just a "she's OK" from his assistant's phone call. He showed me some graphic photo's on his phone of Erin's insides, and said "once we opened her up the unnatural and damaging movement of C1 and C2 was obvious - this is good, and a clear confirmation of the diagnosis". The doctor's reassertion of how important the urgent surgery was for Erin's health has reminded us how lucky we've been for all your financial support and eased our anxiety about the tremendous debt we've taken on to get her the surgery this year rather than who-knows-when next year, or if she'd even make it to the next available surgery date. Thank you all for your continued support with our fundraising - please spread the word so that everyone knows that she's doing great!


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