• Isaac Meegan

Surgery Success

Great news everyone - Erin has made it through the surgery and after 2 days and nights in the ICU (the first on a life-support breathing machine due to her deep coma) was transferred to the ward yesterday afternoon. She's in really good spirits despite being in quite a lot of pain post-surgery, and our room has a companion bed (ie. decent sized couch) so I am able to stay with her all the time now. She has been so brave and I'm very proud of her. The staff here are taking amazing care of her, and while she's on quite serious painkillers, she's needing fewer and fewer as time goes by. We're really encouraged by her progress. You'll see in these 2 photo's the sites of the 2 surgeries Erin had on Monday, the 1 from the front of her neck is the surgery for a one-level cervical artificial disk replacement, and the one requiring Erin's new haircut is the cervical fusion we had been expecting. Both went without issue. As we haven't yet reached our fundraising goal and also due to our unforeseen expenses we're needing to continue to fundraise - thank you all for your ongoing support. We'd have never made it here without you, for which we are eternally grateful. If you're in a position to help us, please consider donating. Thank you!


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